DIY Polka Dot Wall Art From Make and Tell

Our obsession with polka dots is no secret, so it’s not surprising that we’re jumping out of our seats today with this lovely DIY from our fave DIY blogger, Make and Tell! Take it away Steph!

DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery

There’s something about colourful polka dots that’s very whimsical and light-hearted don’t you think? For me, they bring to mind memories of sunshine, playfulness and childhood parties filled with laughter.


So you can see why I just couldn’t resist using them in a nursery DIY. And it’s a bonus that polka dot stamping makes for a quick and easy project that you can whip up in the space of an afternoon (win!). If you’re looking for a little something to jazz up your child’s room, get out those paints and let’s get started.


  • Two sheets of white A4 card
  • Acrylic paint
  • Lollipop sticks, pencil or similar for stamping
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen for sketching
  • Glue or double-sided tape
DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery

Step 1

Dip the end of a lollipop stick or the eraser end of a pencil into some paint and stamp rows of circles onto a sheet of A4 card. I alternated colours to create a confetti-like look, but you can stamp a row (or a whole sheet) of the same colour if you prefer.

Try to keep the dots close together to minimise white space.

DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery

Step 2

While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, sketch out a shape onto your other A4 sheet of card. You can choose any shape you like, but it helps if you draw something simple and recognisable, like a heart or a circle (I chose a teardrop).

DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery

Step 3

Once you’re happy with the shape you’ve sketched, cut out the middle section with a pair of scissors.

DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery

Step 4

Place some glue or double-sided tape on the back of the cut-out card and then stick it down on top of your painted dots. You’ll end up seeing the dots through the shape you cut out.

DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery

And that’s all there is to it – you’ve now got yourself some pretty wall art to decorate your nursery!

DIY polka dot wall print for baby nursery


The great thing about this project is that you can easily customise it to suit your existing decor. Simply choose paint colours and a shape that best fits in with the theme of your baby’s room. Or if you’ve got a child that’s old enough to paint, let them choose the colours and do the dot stamping themselves for an even more personalised piece of art – I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to see their handiwork up on the wall. 🙂

xx Steph

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Gender Reveal Ideas – Boy or Girl?

Most couples reveal the gender of their to-be born baby with a simple call to their family, but other couples are using the excellent news as an excuse to throw a really awesome party! Once you find out you’re pregnant you must start to get a little curious about whether your little one is going to be a boy or a girl. Whether you’re looking to host a gender guessing game or a gender reveal party, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite ideas including DIY confetti poppers, sweet treats and lots of balloons! So invite your family and friends over for a surprise party and get them to share in your exciting news!

And in case you didn’t know… we LOVE helping out with gender reveals so drop us an email to see how we can help! We can even work it all out with your OB and surprise you!

(1) Whether you want to keep your baby’s gender a secret or don’t know it yourself, why not turn the mystery into a fun little gathering with your closest friends and family? Offer a variety of treats in two different colors and let your guests guess!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl?

Photo via CB and J.

(2) Feeling a little creative? Make these hollow onesie cookies filled with blue and pink candy and offer them to your guests to keep the mystery going!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl?

Photo by Craftstorming.

(3) Some couples prefer to do a fun photo shoot rather than throw an actual party. One of our favorite ideas is the drop of the ice cream! Pose with the correct flavor and frame it for your baby to see!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo by Session Nine Photography via Grey Likes Baby.

(4) One of the most popular photo shoot ideas is to tuck a bunch of helium balloons in a DIY box and release them to find out the gender! These pretty, pink, balloons say ‘It’s a girl’!


Photo by Yuna Leonard via 100 Layer Cakelet.

(5) These confetti poppers are surprisingly easy to make! Pop the correct one and make sure you capture it all on camera!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo by Amanda Gentis via Inspired By This.

(6) Here’s another cute photo op! Have each of you blow a different colored bubble gum and pop the one that’s incorrect! Simple and sweet.

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo from The Way We Sie(g) It.

(7) Gather your friends and family for a fun-tastic gender reveal! Surprise yourselves and everyone around you by asking one person to fill the water guns with colored paint. Once the spraying is done, take a look at the color you’re covered in and voila!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo from Macon Photography.

(8) Here’s another exciting way to reveal the gender of your baby: colored powder. Offer everyone a small cup of the powder and throw it as high as you can for a very memorable photo op! Our tip? Do it in a place that can get dirty!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo by Dreamtown via Grey Likes Baby.

(9) Bake a delicious (ombre) cake and coat it with a neutral colored frosting. At the end of the party, cut a slice and discover whether you’re having a girl or a boy!


Photo by Ruth Eileen Photography via Style Me Pretty.

(10) It’s no secret that we love all confetti! This DIY gold piñata is absolutely stunning and holds a ton of colorful confetti! Pull the string and jump for joy!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo from Funny Beautiful.

But in the end, does it really matter? Girl or boy we love them both!

expecting baby - gender reveal ideas - boy or girl

Photo from Erica O’Brien Cake Design.

Feeling inspired? Click here for celebratory ideas!


Theme It! Fairytale Party Ideas

Even the most creative minds run out of themes and ideas for parties! When in doubt, think about that one fairytale your little one keeps asking you to read and use its’ story and characters to inspire everything from the invitations to the cake and party favors. We would start with a floral gate entrance because it feels like you’re entering a mystical land like Narnia or Neverland! Let your imagination run wild and be as literal or as original as you’d like. To get you started we’ve prepared ten magical party ideas, including a pumpkin carriage turned into a photo booth and DIY fairy dust, inspired by old time favorites like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. So how will you be adding a touch of magic to your little one’s next party?

Girls Party Idea - fairytale party

Source: (1) Golden Crowns / (2) A Real-Life Unicorn / (3) Blue Bird Cake / (4) Fairy Dust Favours / (5) Tinkerbell Cut Out / (6) Alice in Wonderland Signs / (7) Floral Gates / (8) Pumpkin Carriage Photo Booth / (9) Royal Invitations / (10) Fairy Wings.

If you loved this magical roundup, you’ll love our other inspiration posts and party ideas!

If the thought of planning another party for the little one gets you perspiring, fret not – we’re here! Drop us an email at hello@simplypeachy.com and we’ll sort it all out for you. We love planning all kinds of celebrations for the little ones! You can learn more about our services here.


Theme It! Camping Party Ideas

Do you and your little ones love playing outdoors and camping? Then maybeit’s time for you to bring the great outdoors to your backyard or even inside your home! There are so many ways to recreate the camping grounds in the warmth of your own home, we’ve rounded up our ten favorites! From an adorable DIY campfire to fishing rods with gummy worms attached to the end and a chic Ouch! Kit for the wildest campers, we’ve got everything you need to know for the perfect camping inspired party!


Source: (1) DIY Fire / (2) Where The Wild Things Are Teepee / (3) Adventure Cupcakes / (4) Glamping Trail Mix / (5)  Woodland Animal Cake / (6) “Smores” This & That Sign / (7) Woodland Animal Headbands / (8) “Fish” Bait  / (9) Dirt Cups / (10) Ouch! Kit.

Can’t wait for “smore” party ideas? Take a look at our past posts here!

If the thought of planning a party for the little one gets you perspiring, fret not – we’re here! Drop us an email at hello@simplypeachy.com and we’ll sort it all out for you. We love planning all kinds of celebrations for the little ones! You can learn more about our services here.

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Leo’s Neutral Modern Boy’s Nursery

Mum of three Belinda of Nest Design Studio gave her little Leo’s nursery extra attention and it definitely paid off because the end result is an incredibly sweet, simple and soothing sanctuary. The overall monochrome look and soft whites are complimented by masculine details like copper, timber and leather. When we first looked at the photos Belinda sent us we couldn’t believe the amount of attention to detail. Every nook and corner is unique and filled with either a minimalist animal print or a handmade garland and sign that says something sweet like “you are loved”. Until you scroll down yourself, you won’t believe the amount of little surprises Belinda planned for her little Leo!

leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery leo's neutral modern boy nursery

Cot: Incy Interiors, Reese cot / Chair: Nursery Works, Empire Rocker / Dresser: IKEA, Hemnes / Handles: DIY / Rug: Overstock Moroccan Trellis / Shelves: IKEA Ekby Valter (brackets painted) / Ottoman: Moroccan Pouf Natural leather / Lamp: Freedom Hinged Copper / Mobile: Fleur Lux Custom tassel / Print: Stellavie, The southern sky / The lion sleeps tonight banner: Stich and Shadow Custom / Lion Print: The Animal Print Shop (DIY Frame) / Feather print: Piccolo Studio / Linen: Scout Lifestyle / Bronze Garland: Hubble & Duke / White Felt Garland: Homely Creatures / You are loved decal: Shanna Murray / Button Hooks: Shelter 7 / Letter Light: The Little Letter Light Co / Copper Basket: H & M / Mini Cloud & Star Mobile – Baby Jives / Bronze Slinky: Aldi / Suitcases: Typo / Knitted Bunny: Leo’s Grandmother / Theo the Cat: Fournier / Gentleman Softie: Alimrose / Painted blocks: Babee & Me / Softie: Luna and the boy / Love print: My sweet prints / Cushion: Norsu / Moccasins: Hubble & Duke / Kewpie Doll: The Giggle Factory

Be sure to check out more of our nursery inspirations!

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Funfetti Food Ideas for Kids

There’s nothing like funfetti to get the party started! Whether you’re hosting a weekend brunch or a birthday party for the little one, you’ll definitely want to consider throwing in a pop of color and some funfetti! There are a number of ways to mix in the rainbow sprinkles and our favorite way is always safe to eat and sure to make you smile. You might be thinking these aren’t the healthiest of treats for the little ones but who said you can splurge a little every so often right?! If these sweet funfetti bites are not enough for you and your little one, then you should check out our roundup of confetti party ideas here!


Source: (1)Ice Cream / (2) Biscotti / (3) Popcorn / (4) Layer Cake / (5) Donut Pops / (6) Ice Cream / (7) Marshmallows / (8) Cinnamon Buns / (9) Waffles / (10) Macaron Sandwich.

If you loved this sweet roundup, be sure to check out our other inspiration posts and party ideas!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It seems like only yesterday that I celebrated my first mother’s day as a mum but the sight of blooming flowers and warm sunshine has reminded me that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Mother’s Day has always been dear to me even before I became a mum and after becoming a mum, I’ve developed a new found respect for my own mother. We should recognize those who brought us into the world more often than we do, so it’s nice to have a single day where all mothers are celebrated and showered with love and gratitude. Use this Mother’s Day to thank any mother you know, whether it’s your own, your grandmother or your colleague, with a small gift. To help you out, we’ve prepared a lovely Mother’s Day gift guide which includes lovely gifts ranging from unique hand-made jewelry to candles and diffusers for total relaxation. Nothing that strikes your fancy? Well don’t worry as we’ll be back next week with another round up of gifts we’re coveting that we think all the mummies out there will love!



Source: (1) The Lady Mug / (2) Flax Seed & Lavender Eye Pillow / (3) The Majorelle / (4)  Rose Garden Scarf / (5) Vice & Velvet Soap and Body Mousse / (6) Drop Earrings in Peacock & Peach / (7)  Maple & Yellow Ring Box / (8) Copper Inspiration Candle / (9) Colorful Polymer Clay Necklace.

For the hardest working people on earth, one gift won’t do. Remember to share your love with your mum through hugs, kisses, kind words and generous acts too!

Loving these gifts? Be sure to check out some of our other gift guides right here.

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DIY Fruit Baby Mobile from Make and Tell

When it comes to designing a baby’s nursery, I love a little bit of DIY. There’s just something so undeniably special about creating a little something for your little one and baby mobiles are definitely on the top of that list for me, so I’m pretty stoked that Steph from my all time favourite DIY blog, Make and Tell is here today to share a super adorbable fruit baby mobile for your little one’s nursery! I just want to gobble it up, don’t you?


I’ve always been drawn to baby mobiles, which is probably a bit strange given I don’t have a baby or a nursery. I just love how they can be crafted in so many different ways using all kinds of materials, shapes and colours… you can truly get creative when making them and the possibilities are endless!

I’ve been on a bit of a fruit kick lately, so I thought I’d try my hand at making a mobile with a bright and summery feel. The end result is totally different to the mobiles you’d usually find in baby stores and being made just with felt and glue, this project also turned out to be very easy on the hip pocket (bonus!).

To make one of your own, gather together the materials below and let’s get crafting!


  • Felt pieces (if you’re making the same fruits as I did, you’ll need green, pink, white, orange and yellow felt)
  • Rattan hoop
  • A black fabric marker or Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • One large, one medium and one small circular object (I used cookie cutters)
  • White spray paint
  • Fabric glue
  • Thread and needle
  • A small ring

Step 1

To make the fruit slices, you’ll need three circular objects to trace around; one large circle, one medium sized circle and one small circle. I used three round cookie cutters, which I found were ideal for the job.

Let’s start with the watermelon slices first shall we? For the watermelons, trace a circle onto your green felt using your largest circular object. Then trace a medium sized circle onto your white felt. Lastly, trace a small circle onto your pink felt.


Step 2

Cut out each of the circles you just traced with a pair of scissors.


You should end up with circles similar to those in the image below; the green circle will be the largest, the white circle will be medium sized and the pink circle will be the smallest.


Step 3

Glue your circles together so that they’re stacked on top of each other with the green circle at the bottom, the white circle in the middle and the pink circle on the top.

fruitmobile_gluing_blog fruitmobile_glued_blog

Step 4

Once the glue has dried, cut your watermelon circles in half so that there are two semi-circles or ‘watermelon slices’.

Then using a Sharpie, draw little seeds on each slice.

fruitmobile_watermelonhalves_blog fruitmobile_sharpie_blog

That’s your watermelon slices done! Pretty easy yes? Righto then, moving onto the citrus fruits 🙂

Step 5

For the lemons, trace and cut three circles – one large yellow circle, one medium white circle and one small yellow circle.


Step 6

Cut the smallest yellow circle into eighths. The easiest way to do this is to first cut the circle into halves, then quarters, before finally cutting each of the quarters in half again to make eighths.


Step 7

Glue all the pieces together, placing the large yellow circle on the bottom of the stack, the white circle in the middle and the little yellow segments on top.


Step 8

Once the glue has dried, cut your lemon in half to create semi-circle ‘lemon slices’.


Step 9

Repeat steps 5 to 8 with orange and white felt to create little orange slices. Once your oranges are done, you’ll have a whole medley of fruit to decorate your mobile!


Step 10

Spray paint your rattan hoop white.

nb. This step is entirely optional – it really just depends on how you’d prefer your mobile to look. If you don’t like white, you can leave the hoop a natural wood colour or paint it any other colour you like.


Step 11

Once your hoop is dry, cut some lengths of thread so you can attach your fruit slices to the hoop. Then using a needle, feed one piece of thread through each fruit slice.


Tie a knot to secure the thread in place.

fruitmobile_sewing2_blog fruitmobile_threaded_blog

Step 12

Once each fruit slice has a piece of thread attached to it, start tying the fruit to your painted hoop. Try to stagger the lengths at which your fruit slices hang to make your mobile more visually interesting.

fruitmobile_attachingfruit_blog fruitmobile_hangingfruit_blog

Step 13

Lastly, once all the fruit has been attached, tie four more pieces of thread to your hoop and fasten them to a small ring. This will allow you to hang the mobile from the ceiling.

fruitmobile_hanging_blog fruitmobile_finished5_blog fruitmobile_finished2_blog

Okay, you’ve probably realised by now that there’s a lot of steps to this tutorial and it does take a bit of time to complete each one. But broken down, the project is totally manageable and actually lots of fun; especially because you can take your time with each part and just enjoy the process of crafting. I traced and cut all my circles while listening to music and then sat in front of the TV while I glued all the bits together. Multitasking at it’s best! 😉

fruitmobile_finished3_blog fruitmobile_finished4_blog

Best of all, I’ve heard it said that babies’ vision can be stimulated by high contrast colour combinations which this mobile has in spades. So your bubba will enjoy it just as much (or even more) than you will! Totally worth the effort right? 🙂

xx Steph

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Confetti Fair Junior + Double Pass Giveaway!

Confetti Fair Junior

In less than two weeks, on Sunday 3 May 2015, Confetti Fair Junior arrives in Sydney at the Fairground Follies… and we will be there! Yay! To celebrate, we’re giving away double passes to five lucky peachies. At the fair you’ll meet Sydney’s best children’s party providers (including *cough cough* us). There will be free demonstrations, a kids zone with face painting, a petting zoo, as well as appearances from wait for it… Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Optimus Prime and Ironman! This is one event not to be missed!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a peachy comment below (and extra brownie points for those who follow Simply Peachy Baby and Confetti Fair on Instagram)! Comments close on Tuesday 28 April at 11:59pm Syd time and five winners will be chosen at random! Good luck peachies!

Tickets are now on sale and you can book your tickets online here to receive exclusive discounts from top kids party suppliers. Kids under 12 are free! Yay!

We can’t wait to see you all at the fair! Be sure to visit us at our peachy booth. I hear there will be some mini celebrations happening!



The Kant Family by Dadi Precious

Dadi Precious spent the day following the cutest family of three, capturing the most adorable little girl with the biggest and silliest of smiles! There is nothing we love more than seeing a child being warmly embraced by her parents so this capture of the Kant family is just the sweetest. The contagious laughter and big toothy smiles… love!

family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-1 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-2 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-3 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-4family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-6family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-7 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-8 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-9 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-10 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-11 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-12family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-13 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-14family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-15 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-19 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-22 family-shoot-dadi-precious-photography-simply-peachy-baby-23


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