Brothers and Sisters Photos by Amee Cheung Photography

These four brothers and sisters are as adorable as they come in their perfectly coordinated outfits toting cheery balloons and little chalkboards, so we decided this was the perfect happy shoot to kick start the photography section of the blog! This sunny day shoot from Amee Cheung Photography and its incredibly fun subjects running amuck is the epitome of childhood. It’s so adorably beautiful and the perfect way to get over the hump day. I know it put a humungous smile on my face!

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Amee from Amee Photography shares, “There are a lot of people in Hong Kong who still think that children or family sessions are best to be done indoor at home or at a studio. But I love to capture the happy faces and big smiles on their faces when they are running free, rolling on the grass, catching cotton in the air, playing with colourful balloons and eating popcorns. This shoot was so much fun and I really enjoyed playing with these guys on a sunny summer afternoon!”

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