10 Year Anniversary Family Shoot from Lilelements

It really is a beautiful thing when you a couple celebrates their 10 year anniversary but when you get to include your darling children in the celebration, it’s the absolute best. And it’s what we love about this family photo session from Lilelements. We can’t think of a more fabulous way to celebrate such a wonderful milestone!

anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-1 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-2
anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-8 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-9
anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-13 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-14 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-15 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-16
anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-22 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-23 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-24
anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-30 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-31 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-32 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-33
anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-36 anniversary-family-shoot-lilelements-photography-simply-peachy-baby-37

Both Ruffles and Bells and lilelements are our peachy vendors and you can view more of their work on their profile here and here.

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10 Favourite Easter DIY Party Ideas

Hello peachies! We’re back from our brief hiatus – just in time to bring you some of our favourite Easter DIY party ideas! With Easter just under a week away, what better time than now to pop right in with some fun ideas that you and your little darlings can work on over the weekend and get ready for all those Easter egg hunts and parties that I’m sure you all have lined up. I’ll be spending Easter with the hubby and little peach over at the Easter Show and hopefully munching away on all the delicious Aussie Easter eggs that I’ve missed so dearly this past decade while I’ve been away from home. The little peach might even be lucky enough and enjoy her first piece of chocolate! What about you peachies? What have you got planned this lovely Easter?

DIY Easter Party Ideas for Kids - Simply Peachy Baby

(1) Use packing materials like duct tape and cardboard to make your little one a bunny basket before he/she goes Easter egg hunting!

(2) These marbled egg place holders made of clay are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your Easter brunch.

(3) Wrap your favorite lollipops in tissue paper and turn them into Easter bunny lollipops to use them as place cards or party favors.

(4) We love these funny bunnies stuffed with mini marshmallows! Empty them when you’re hungry and play a round of “chubby bunny”!

(5) Hang these bunny rosettes from branches, on your baby’s crib or on your window for your neighbors to look at – makes for the perfect bit of Easter decor.

(6) Deliver candy to your little ones in a sleeping bunny goody bag.

(7) One scoop of ice cream plus two edible ears for the greatest Easter dessert ever!

(8) Make this adorable burlap bunny using your favorite patterns!

(9) A fun fringe gives your little one’s Easter basket an edge!

(10) Forget the traditional pastel palette and go for electric pink and yellow for these cookies!

Which one will you be crafting this Easter peachies?

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Hello from Sydney, Australia! We’ll Be Right Back!


Hello peachies!

I hope you’ve all been well.

Over the past month, the hubby, little peach and I packed up our lives in Hong Kong, said some tearful ‘goodbyes’ and jetted to the place I’ve always called home, Sydney Australia. There has been SO much to do and still SO SO SO much to do, to say it’s been a tad hectic would be a major understatement.

To be completely honest, I have been utterly exhausted and still am. Just to give you a bit of an idea of what’s been going on, the week before we left Hong Kong was totally crazy. Believe it or not, on our way to our farewell drinks with friends (which was subsequently cancelled), the hubby had to be taken to the emergency due to extreme muscle pains. And if having a hubby who wasn’t allowed to do any heavy lifting during a big international move wasn’t bad enough, the little peach fell seriously ill with salmonella. This then led to little to no sleep and the little peach needed her mommy more than ever. So, blogging, emails and Simply Peachy and Simply Peachy Baby just had to wait. As did all the loveliness I had in store for you peachies – the cute party ideas, pretty inspiration boards and fun DIYs.

I’m now happy to report that the hubby and little peach have both recovered, but the little peach is having a really hard time with the move and settling into her new surroundings so sleep still seems like something from a past life. Our boxes are also arriving soon so expect a lot of hair pulling and frustration whilst we try to unpack and squeeze nine years worth of boxes into our temporary abode with a clingy little peach around my leg. Fun stuff huh?!

So dear peachies, I am so sorry for not being around and the perfect blogger that I should be, but I do hope you understand. Please bear with me during this taxing time. I promise all the peachy goodness will be back once life is a little more settled and sleep is within sight. Simply Peachy and Simply Peachy Baby will be back with a bang from our new home in Sydney, Australia.

I am super excited about this move and cannot wait to bring you the new and improved Aussie Simply Peachy really soon! If you’d like to be a part of these exciting times or have a shoot, idea or productI to submit, be sure to drop me an email to see how you can get involved!

But for now, it’s back to the joys of relocation admin, unpacking and cuddling the little peach. We’ll be right back!

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed our daily doses of peachiness!


**Photo by Darren LeBeuf.

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Theme it! Polka Dot and Confetti Party Ideas

I have been busy planning the little peach’s birthday party lately and have had polka dots and confetti on the brain. I can’t help it. Polka dots and confetti are just so fun and they never cease to put a smile on my face. So for our theme it series today, I’m sharing some of my favourite polka dot party ideas which would be so much fun for a little one’s birthday, baby shower or even a party for those of you wanting to tickle that inner child in you. Think balls, dots, spots, confetti, balloons – anything round goes! Now, who wants to throw a polka dot party? If so, which of these ideas are you going to try?


Sources: (1) Stamped Envelope Liners / (2) Honeycomb Tissue Balls / (3) Jumbo Confetti Balloons / (4) Confetti Backdrop / (5) Tissue Paper Confetti / (6) DIY Confetti Party Hats / (7) Confetti Wooden Spoons / (8) Rainbow Lights.

For more party inspiration, check out other themes and ideas here.

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Sweet Maternity Photos in the Park by We Are Origami Photography

We’re going to leave you smiling today with this sweet maternity photo session of soon-to-be parents, Christine and Bernard. We Are Origami Photography captured them beautifully as they spent a sunny afternoon in the park, complete with a sweet picnic, adorable onesies and shoes for their little one to fill and grow into – the perfect set up for lovely belly moments!

sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-01sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-06we_are_origami_christine_bernard_maternity-016we_are_origami_christine_bernard_maternity-004sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-09we_are_origami_christine_bernard_maternity-021sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-012 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-013we_are_origami_christine_bernard_maternity-008 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-014 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-015 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-016 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-017 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-018we_are_origami_christine_bernard_maternity-025 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-019 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-020 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-021 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-022 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-024 sweet-garden-maternity-photos-we-are-origami-photography-simply-peachy-baby-blog-025
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Bali Family Shoot from Evermotion Photography

Outdoor family shoots are always lot’s of fun! A lovely day filled with memory making and beautiful keepsake photos to document the day. The Donoghue family did just that. They spent a beautiful day on the beach in Bali filled with sunshine and smiles, all beautifully captured by Evermotion Photography. Every frame captured was filled to the brim with love and affection and we just can’t get enough of it.

donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-01 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-02 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-03 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-04 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-05Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.52.44 AMdonoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-08 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-09donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-13 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-14 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-15 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-16 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-17 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-18 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-19 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-20 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-21 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-24 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-26 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-27 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-28 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-29 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-30 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-31 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-32 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-33 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-34 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-35 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-36 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-37 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-38 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-39 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-40 donoghue-family-shoot-evermotion-41
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Simply Peachy Baby Christmas Giveaway – Win a Tiny Bitz Growing Kit!

Do you hear it peachies? I think I hear sleigh bells ringing because Santa has come early this year! Yes, you’re right – it can only mean some gift giving is in order! As promised, we’re topping off our week of gift guides with a tiny bit of a giveaway and we’re pretty stoked!

tiny-bitz-growing-kit-GIVEAWAYOne of you lucky peachies will get a chance to get your mitts on a four piece Growing Kit from our friends at Tiny Bitz! Or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, your choice from their Tiny Dots range!

I am a huge fan of the growing kits from Tiny Bitz. In fact, it was one of the first things I bought as soon as I found out I was pregnant. These kits are ingenious! They include three different sizes of clothing (one for newborns, one for 3-6 months and one for 6-12 months) and can even be customised for the time of year the baby was born in (so the first piece will be a long-sleeved onesie for babies born in winter and short-sleeved ones for babies born in summer). Not only have they taken the stress out of shopping for baby growth spurts, made from their weave of 100% natural cotton, their designs are super soft on your bubs’ delicate skin. I LOVE their cute unisex signature Tiny Dots design and love that they’ll be perfect whether or not you know the sex of the little bubs. Flexible, versatile, huggable and loveable – what more does a mama need? How about compliementary reusable packaging that’s oh-so pretty, international delivery options and free delivery within Hong Kong?! Did I just see you do a happy dance?

Gift giving has never been easier with Tiny Bitz so get rid of those Christmas shopping headaches and head on over to Tiny Bitz and check out all they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!



All you have to do to be in with a chance of snagging a Tiny Bitz four piece Growing Kit (or your choice from their Tiny Dots range) is use the giveaway app below. Don’t forget to click enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends on 23 December 2014 when the winner will be chosen at random and announced on Christmas Eve.

This giveaway is now closed.

And the winners is Melodee Herrera! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered! xx

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Alrighty peachies. For our final installment of gift ideas, I have picked out some gifts for those lovely teens that run amuck in your lives. I know it can be quite a tricky task shopping for teens so I hope this list helps make it a little easier. I often wished I had more wiggle room as a teen to deck out my room with cooler bits and bobs so why not pick up an awesome pouf, storage baskets or funky bookends. I bet they’ll love hanging out there (and might even sneak out a little less) and while you’re at it, buy them a pretty journal for all their thoughts and ideas! Inspirational prints make for great gifts for teens because let’s face it, being a teenager is tough! My favourite pick here is the ‘Get It Together Pencil Pouch’ from (which I happen to have myself – HA) which would fit perfectly in a simple tote or not-so-daggy backpack. So, what do you think? Do my picks pass the teen test? I hope so, because the little peach will turn into a fun teenager before I know it!

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we’ll be giving away something pretty cool for the little ones!


Sources: (1) Eco-Friendly Ottoman Pouf / (2) Get It Together Pencil Pouch / (3) Mini Leather Journals / (4) Zuny Bookend / (5) Sticky Note Organiser / (6) Woolen Herringbone Backpack / (7) Scalloped Storage Bucket / (8) Books and Stuff Tote Bag / (9) Let Your Light Shine In The Dark Print.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

How’s the shopping going peachies? Today we’re continuing with our Christmas gift ideas series and sharing goodies for the men in your life. My picks include some fab leather goods, one of which even reminds them that you think they’re awesome! There’s socks to keep those happy feet warm during the cooler months, fun glass bottles from BKR that will get you drinking those 8 glasses of water a day, a cool diffuser made from an upcycled beer bottle, a cool apron to get those lazy boys cooking, mug for their morning ritual and me favourite (which I know the hubby would love too) some sleepwear for the superheroes in your life. Superheroes need to sleep too right?!

Happy shopping peachies!


Source: (1) Awesome Leather Key Chain / (2) Leather Card Case / (3) Custom Luggage Tags / (4) Happy Socks / (5) BKR Water Bottle / (6) Caramelised Fig Diffuser / (7) Cook For Wine Apron / (8) Hustlin’ Mug / (9) Batman Sleep Short.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

As promised, I am bringing your more lovely gift ideas that will definitely put you in the good books of your loved ones. Today’s picks are for the women and gal pals in your life. Whether it’s for your mum, your wife, your lover, your bestie – it’s all here. There are books to inspire the creative ones, a pretty necklace for adding a pop of colour to any outfit, a mug to kick start the day with, delicious chocolates to satisfy those sweet cravings, candles to light the way and my personal favourite (hint hint: hubby), a chance to learn all about memory keeping with Ronnie and Trish of Life Captured!

I hope you love these because I sure do! I wouldn’t mind receiving any of these at all! Happy shopping.  And don’t worry boys, tomorrow we’ll have some gift ideas for you!


Source: (1) Emily Green 9 Bead Necklace / (2) Robert Gordon Swatch Mug / (3) Stay Awesome Tote Bag / (4) Kikki K Words To Inspire Book / (5) Pana Chocolate / (6) Visual Storytelling Class by Life Captured / (7) Custom Carry Bangle / (8) Things I Love by Megan Morton / (9) ECOYA Wild Frangipani Candle.

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