Theme It! Camping Party Ideas

Do you and your little ones love playing outdoors and camping? Then maybeit’s time for you to bring the great outdoors to your backyard or even inside your home! There are so many ways to recreate the camping grounds in the warmth of your own home, we’ve rounded up our ten favorites! From an adorable DIY campfire to fishing rods with gummy worms attached to the end and a chic Ouch! Kit for the wildest campers, we’ve got everything you need to know for the perfect camping inspired party!


Source: (1) DIY Fire / (2) Where The Wild Things Are Teepee / (3) Adventure Cupcakes / (4) Glamping Trail Mix / (5)  Woodland Animal Cake / (6) “Smores” This & That Sign / (7) Woodland Animal Headbands / (8) “Fish” Bait  / (9) Dirt Cups / (10) Ouch! Kit.

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