Theme it! Polka Dot and Confetti Party Ideas

I have been busy planning the little peach’s birthday party lately and have had polka dots and confetti on the brain. I can’t help it. Polka dots and confetti are just so fun and they never cease to put a smile on my face. So for our theme it series today, I’m sharing some of my favourite polka dot party ideas which would be so much fun for a little one’s birthday, baby shower or even a party for those of you wanting to tickle that inner child in you. Think balls, dots, spots, confetti, balloons – anything round goes! Now, who wants to throw a polka dot party? If so, which of these ideas are you going to try?


Sources: (1) Stamped Envelope Liners / (2) Honeycomb Tissue Balls / (3) Jumbo Confetti Balloons / (4) Confetti Backdrop / (5) Tissue Paper Confetti / (6) DIY Confetti Party Hats / (7) Confetti Wooden Spoons / (8) Rainbow Lights.

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  • We love these homemade parties. They can be planned by parents, with affordable ideas, but without missing any detail. Great work!